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Welcome to EZPPFarm. We are an osu! private server featuring vanilla, relax and autopilot osu!, integrated into a single server; Each style with it's own individual PP system, PP & score sorted leaderboards, fully- functioning multiplayer, spectator mode, and a massive dedicated community between both our osu! and discord servers.

What are you waiting for? Join EZPPFarm! It's risk-free: you won't get your account banned on the official server if you play on EZPPFarm. You can switch anytime between the official osu! server and EZPPFarm or be on them both at the same time!

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Done by bro damnit

on 9mm Parabellum Bullet - Inferno [ok this is fieryrage]


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on Komiya Mao - (can you) understand me? [huh?]


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on sasakure.UK - AVALONnayo,AVALONna...!!.mp4 [AVALON]


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on Aurorus Fox - Divine Highs and Lows [Divine Oni]


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on Panda Eyes - ILY [<3]