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  • My antivirus is blocking the Patcher
  • That’s because our switcher edits the normal osu! instance and creates a new instance in a protected folder(ProgramFiles etc.).

  • I get “Bancho authentication failed” (wrong password) when I try to log in, but my password is correct!
  • First, make sure you’re running the EZ-PP osu! instance and that your password is corrected. If so, type your username and password, then press the login button with your mouse. I know, it’s weird but it often works. (make also sure that caps lock is disabled if your password is lowercase)

  • I can’t download maps from osu!direct.
  • Some maps can’t be downloaded from our beatmap mirror due to technical reasons.

  • I can’t download maps when I’m in multiplayer, but I can download them from the main menu
  • Disable Automatically start osu!direct downloads from the options and try again.

  • How do I play on the normal osu! again?
  • Just run the osu! instance with the normal osu! Icon, EZ-PP can be reached when executing the EZ-PP osu! instance.

  • Can I keep playing while the server is restarting because it’s updating?
  • Yes, your scores will be sent as soon as the server gets back online (usually less than a minute). Just make sure to not close the client.

  • Can I have EZ-PP’s source code?
  • EZ-PP (based on Yozora(that is based on Ripple)) is mostly open source, you can see it here.

  • Why are osu!direct and other in-game supporter perks free?
  • We think that osu! direct is very cool and it’s a shame people have to pay to have it, that’s why we’re offering it for free on EZ-PP.