Akuma Damager
(aka ChronosRark1st aka Mr Damager)










Playtime 00d 01h 35m
PP 2,782
Ranked score 1,191,973,720
Total score 1,191,973,720
Playcount 5,972
Total Replays watched 12
Total hits 248,898
Accuracy 98.13%
Level 56
Currently "Secret" Ingame Moderator in goth clan, thanks Aki-senpai for unrestrict me and sorry community for my madness, EZPP gamer

Hi im ChronosRark1st (in Bancho's server) but now in EZPPFARM page know by Akuma Damager alias i-yitsure (ZoneRark Damager). Im STD Player (strict object modder in mapping), Taiko player and mapper, Mania Player, CTB Noob player and I enter to this server only for fun ;P

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osu!server (Bancho host) profile
ripple!server (Foka Host) profile
nakichi!server (Nakichi Bot host) (dead)
osu!Kurikku profile (KurikkuBot host)
osu!Enjuu profile (LawleeBot Host)

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