(aka Do Drugs, Die Young.)










Playtime 00d 01h 34m
PP 1,165
Ranked score 581,136,506
Total score 970,063,518
Playcount 3,049
Total Replays watched 22
Total hits 0
Accuracy 88.38%
Level 52
Unintentionally had the Perfect Ending before going inactive for 5 Months.
Imagine doing your First 1k PP play just litearlly a Day before going inactive.

Also i am on the Server since litearlly 557 days, thats Crazy.

Started as Bat became Comunity Manager then Admin then somehow Owner?

I dont know what else to write on a Userpage

Well i sometimes Stream https://www.twitch.tv/sgtdomse

My other Accs:

Debian: https://debian.moe/rx/u/8025?mode=0
Gatari: https://osu.gatari.pw/u/14908
Enjuu: https://enjuu.click/u/3490?mode=0
Ripple: https://ripple.moe/u/78990?mode=0&relax=1
Realistik: https://ussr.pl/rx/u/1122?mode=0
Atoka: Soon gonna be added since i just found out that they are back :)

I started Playing on Bancho 6th of May 2018

Got bored of Vanilla so i found out about Akatsuki and joined the Relax Comunity late 2018
Then got banned 5 times on Akatsuki since i had like 4 Accs myself that were all at like 11k PP
and boosted several people. Afterwards became Staff for a Period of Time on Akatsuki.

Also got like Rank 30 or 25 on Atoka with HQOSU Legacy back then in the Days and the Atoka Client itself.

Oh i forgot i didnt talk about Myelf, Even tho no one will probably read this whole shit xD

So to start of my online name rn is Aki or if you know me from back in the days its Domse or RelaxingAngel.

I am currently 17 Years Old and turning 18 on the 4th of October this Year :)

My Favorite Color is Red and Black but also kinda Dark Blue or generally Darker Colors.

I also play many other games like League of Legends Gta V Minecraft World of Tanks The Division 2 and alot more, feel free to DM me anytime

I am Taken by a Beautiful Girl that makes me Smile and the Happiest i have ever been in my Life since over half a Year :3

I like Anime and binge Netflix into the Morning, also kinda Memer.

I honestly dont know what else to say about myself, just dm me or ping me if you have anymore questions




Bug Hunter